With so many different types of water available in the market, understanding and picking up the one that suites your need can be confusing.  In this article we explain what is Artesian Water. 

Etymology of Artesian comes from a French province named Artois, it is believed that water wells were first used.  

Artesian water is the confined natural underground reservoir that contains water under positive pressure. The aquifer is the geologic layer of rocks that provides the source of the artesian well. In simple terms Artesian Water is similar to any type of groundwater, the only difference being the process of how it gets to the surface. Because of the positive pressure, a pump is not needed to push the water into the surface, the water flows out automatically from the well. 

Such aquifers are commonly found underneath the earth’s surface. These aquifers are continuously replenished by the ground water or rain water.  

Why Drink Artesian Water?

More and more people are opting to drink Artesian water due to its health benefits and naturally crisp and clear taste. The water undergoes decades of natural filtration process making it completely free of contaminants. Most importantly, Artesian water contains natural minerals that our body has been designed to consume through ages of evolution. It has all the natural minerals such as calcium, fluorides among many more that are just right for our health. In addition, Artesian water contains natural electrolytes that are beneficial in regulating the pH balance of the blood. The bicarbonate ions can regulate the pH levels of the blood. It prevents the blood from becoming too acidic and prevents you from feeling fatigued. 

Choose Genuine Artesian Water

Always choose brands that use natural artesian water that is bottled at source and is not processed in any manner.  As an example Blue Pine is one of India’s leading Artesian Water brands with its own aquifer in the lower Himalayas.